Developed from practice for the well-being of people.

backgym® is an innovation by Mirko A. Cortese, naturopath and therapist with his own practice in Wolhusen/Switzerland. This health specialist has been involved with issues involving the musculoskeletal system, primarily the back, for over 20 years.


His further innovations include the adatto neck support cushion and the Xbase® training system. All solutions from Mirko A. Cortese arise from necessities which become clear during his daily work with patients.


Posture problems are omnipresent. They are a major strain on the persons affected and the health care system. This circumstance is what motivated the naturopath to develop backgym®. backgym® Classic began to address the needs of the daily work routine.


Mirko A. Cortese collaborates with numerous top athletes and noted that, despite their strong muscular structure, athletes do not have an ideal posture. The result was backgym® Sport. Many children already suffer from posture issues. In order to prevent problems later on, the naturopath developed a special version for kids: backgym® Kids.


The backgym® series is the result of many years of research – from the search for the correct material to the optimisation of the tensile direction and tensile strength. backgym® is a brand from the family of products from adatto better living GmbH. The company only develops high-quality products which offer real added value and direct benefit.


Mirko A. Cortese

Naturopath and Therapist