backgym kids – Posture for a child

backgym kids

Posture defects in children

Today many adults must deal with back problems, tension and posture defects. If you analyse these cases, you will see that, for the majority, the origin of today’s problems lies in childhood and adolescence.

  • Computer games, tablets, mobile phones, etc.
  • Sitting for long periods (school, homework)
  • Strain on one side
  • Heavy school bags
  • Watching TV for long periods
  • Little movement
Backgym kids

More and more children and adolescents show severe posture defects. More than 50% of all school pupils between 7 and 14 years of age are affected. Particularly in this time, in which the spinal column is located in an important development phase, posture problems can have dramatic effects on future health. For this reason, during this phase of life, the goal is to place the focus on the proper posture of children and the young. They can only poorly assess the consequences of poor posture. We adults have the ability to do something positive for the future of our youth with prudence and a sense of responsibility.

backgym for every area

backgym kids offers individual support for everyday and sports applications, especially for kids.

backgym prevents a rounded back posture by exerting a slight tensile stimulus in the shoulder area. This saves the user from the need to “slouch”.

Attach the waist belt (not too tight).

Ensure that you assume the proper posture before putting on the supports. Now you can pull on the support to define the tensile force.

Tips for wear

  • Important: wear backgym over a T-shirt
  • Your muscles require time to become accustomed to this new state
  • Initially 30 minutes per day, then at will
  • If you feel tension in the back, take off backgym
  • Can be worn for every activity
  • It should fit tightly but not exert pressure
  • Can be worn comfortably under every piece of clothing
  • For medical evaluations, consult a physician or therapist


The backgym material is very high-quality.

The vest is light, breathes well and prevents accumulated heat and moisture with perfect air circulation. The material is reflective and increases your safety on dark paths and roads.

Aerate, wash by hand if necessary. Do not wash too often!

Available in the following sizes*
*Determine your size based on your T-shirt size.

XS: 122-134 S: 140-158