backgym sports – Proper posture during sports

backgym sports

The proper posture as a key to success

Step by step to the goal

Whether it is training or a competition, backgym supports an optimum posture during a high level of activity. As a result, the load is optimally distributed to the musculoskeletal system, which has numerous advantages for athletes:

How fit is your back? Take the test now.

Little strokes fell big oaks

We recommend that you wear backgym sports for all training for optimum results and good performance.

backgym sports prevents a rounded back posture. It exerts a defined tensile force on to the shoulder belt. Due to this tensile force, the shoulder belt is slightly pulled back. As a result, the user obtains a natural, upright posture without being supported.

Attach the waist belt (not too tight).

Ensure that you assume the proper posture before putting on the supports. Now you can pull on the support to define the tensile force.

Tips for wear

  • Important: wear backgym over a T-shirt
  • Your muscles require time to become accustomed to this new state
  • It should fit tightly but not exert pressure
  • If you feel tension in the back, take off backgym
  • Can be worn for every activity
  • Can be worn comfortably under every piece of clothing
  • Wear at least four times per week


The backgym material is very high-quality.

The vest is light, breathes well and prevents accumulated heat and moisture with perfect air circulation. The material is reflective and increases your safety on dark paths and roads.

Aerate, wash by hand if necessary. Do not wash too often!

Available in the following sizes*
*Determine your size based on your T-shirt size.